How to Recover Lost Photo from Canon Digital Camera on Mac

Digital camera gives us the ability to capture the precious moment of our lives and relishes them in future. One of the best digital camera brands is Canon. Today we will talk it.

Canon Digital Camera

recover-flash-drive-files-on-mac-2The Canon digital camera gains a couple of brand-new features of its own. There’s now a wide range of color variations which can be applied to the image when using the scene modes, and whose effect can be previewed on screen in Live View. The newest Canon camera also finally gains the ability to convert raw files to jpeg in-camera, including the option to correct for lens aberrations including distortion and chromatic aberration.

But one thing we should pay attention, as all digital cameras in the world, Cannon camera also use memory card to store the captured photos and videos. Sometimes our wrongly operation or accidental pressing of deletion button cause loss of our valuable data. However, in most of the cases the data is not permanently gone and you can achieve Canon camera recovery by using a recovery tool. But first thing we should do is to get to know the reasons of data loss of your Canon camera. 继续阅读