After Apple Inc. releasing MacBook, the whole series of Mac products mark up

October 29,morning news. The Apple Inc. has announced the new Macbook, unfortunately, British users suffered a bad news: the whole series of Mac products markup.

On the one hand,the lastest MacBook Pro costs hundreds ponds more than the previous generation of Mac product. On the other hand, the Apple Inc. has updated online store,and the prince of whole series of Mac products marked up than before, such as Mac mini, Mac Pro and iMac.

In British, MacBook Pro with 13-inch screen and without Touch Bar sells for £1449(or about ¥11964), while the vision with Touch Bar is £1749(about ¥14441). The base model with 15-inch screen sells for £2349(or about ¥19395),which including Touch Bar, has 256GB storage capacity as well as 2.6 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

By contrast, the starting price of the former MacBook in 13-inch is £999, while the version in 15-inch sells for £1599. Although the Apple Inc. has sold older model of MacBook Pro in 13-inch, the prince has risen to £1249(about ¥10312).

This is partly because, the new MacBook Pros are more expensive around the world. But the markup of the whole series of Mac products in British possibly due to the devaluation of pound, which caused by the Brexit. Actually, this price remains consistent with it in America after exchangin into dollars and addin 20% VAT.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that all the products of Apple Inc. in British became more expensive. The price of Mac mini is £479(about ¥3995), higher than the previous £399; iMac 4k is £1449(about ¥11964), higher than £1199 before; iMac 5k sells for £1749(about ¥14441), while £1449 before. Furthermore, the price of Mac Pro has risen from £2499 to £2999( about ¥24762),while the hardware configurations of it has never been updated since 2003.

NEW MacBook Pro blurred screen: Graphics Card Compatibility Issue

What comes first for Apple’s most gorgeous new arrival in this year is NEW MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Performance enhancements, configuration upgrade, and a new interactive mode comes with Touch Bar…all of these are selling point of NEW MacBook Pro extremely attractive for “hands-chopping people”. It is believed that quite a few users have availed themselves of the hot two biggest shopping festivals i.e. “Black Friday” and “1111 Shopping Carnival” to “brandish a knife”.

NEW MacBook Pro blurred screen: Graphics Card Compatibility IssueHowever, some earlier MacBook Pro users gave negative feedbacks regarding blurred screen problem in using some Apps.

Users’ feedbacks from say that NEW MBP sometimes has weird blurred screen problems like transparent windows etc. At the very beginning, windows become transparent in small parts, and then some parts totally disappear into the desktop.

Some users remark that their screen problem is more severe: it occurs scattered like being “hacked” with all sorts of blending black lines and color lumps. And MacBook Pro crashes beyond repair after that.

In view of this problem, some say it’s probably related to the graphics card compatibility. But we can find that infected MacBook Pro involves both dedicated graphics card ones and integrated graphics ones.

In this regard, the cause for blurred screen is not yet clear now.

Concerning “which Apps trigger blurred screen”, most users have it on using Adobe soft wares such as Adobe Media Encoder and Premiere Pro, while some have it on using iCloud photo. Still Adobe Media Encoder is present in the largest amounts among all conditions.

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