How to Recover the Lost Word Documents?

Microsoft Word provides offline access to the applications and programs, with no Sync or real-time saving available. If something happens to your computer, no files will be saved, so you will have to find some recovery methods and programs in order to restore the data. Anything that can make your word document to close or that could force the closure, will lead to loss of the data. But Microsoft has some new features in the office suite that are used for recovering the lost documents, depending which version of Microsoft Word is being used. The word document recovery can be done with certain methods.

Recover unsaved word documents

With the version from 2010, the word document creates some temporary draft of the document you have created before, and this draft can be accessed 4 days after its creation. After that period it will be deleted. If you use this version, then from the “File” option of the menu in the word document you can navigate to “Info” and then you can click on the option for managing the versions. A dropdown menu will appear here from where you can choose the option “Recover Unsaved Documents”. The word document recovery will be finished and you will have your document back.

Recovery of lost word documents

If you have lost some document and you don’t know where to find it on the drive, there are some methods that can help you in the recovery process. The auto-recovery is done on every 10 minutes in case the document suffers from some malfunction or you lose it by some accident. You can change the auto-recovery option to save all of the information, not just to save the information in every 10 minutes.

How to recover the lost word documents?

Recovery of temporary word documents

The word document recovery can be also done from temporary files. If you are working on certain document, a temporary file with the same data is being created at the same moment. If the system fails, you will get the chance to recover the information from the temporary file. The temporary files have the extension .tmp, so you can easily recognize it. You need to go to your local disk (C), and then to Documents and Settings, Administrator, Application Data and in the Microsoft folder you will find the file.

Recovery from the Recycle Bin

This is the word document recovery from where you can easily restore a deleted word document. With clicking on the Restore button, you will have the document in the original directory. You can also recover from searching the original document. In the search box you can type the name of your document, or parts of the name and within minutes you will have a lot of word document files with containing the word that you have typed.

Recovering from backup location

The version from 2013 uses this method the most, but the other versions can also use it. In the file menu of the word document you need to click “Open” and then “Computer” and “Browse”. You can find the location of the folder where lately you have saved the file that you are missing and in the list of files you can see the file, it says “Backup of” and the name of the lost word document. With this method you can easily locate your lost document.

Recovery of word document with creation of a document with identical name

This method is used only when you can’t keep track of all your files and when none of the above methods are not helping in the recovery process. You can create a new document with the same name that you have given to the lost one and with the right click on the file, in the Properties section you can choose “Previous versions” and you can see the file you want to recover.

Recovery using software

The Microsoft Word files can be recovered with uFlysoft software that can help you find the lost document easily. It is online tool for Mac and Windows users and you can return the lost file due to disk formatting, deletion or some virus attack. It can be used for recovering other versions of Word documents in easy and simple way.


Recovering PowerPoint files on mac

Usually, PowerPoint is so smart that it will create an auto-saved file when you work with it. And next time you open PowerPoint it will automatically recover the file. And you can follow next path to find and restore AutoSaved PPT files in Mac: in Finder > /Users/ username/Library/Application Support/ Microsoft/Office/Office X Auto Recovery (X stans for Office version of your PPT). If you cannot find the auto-saved file, it may be get lost. Just try a data recovery software if you want Mac deleted recovery. Here one thing you need to remember. Stop using the Mac before you fully get back the lost PPT files in case of data recovery failure. A highly recommended solution to recover PPT files on Mac is to use Mac data recovery software when Office fails to save files automatically. Here you may try uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

Steps to recover PPT on Mac with uFlysoft data recovery software

There are a lot of online data recovery tool, but to achieve the best PPT recovery result, you need to choose a reliable one. To help you save your time, we recommend you EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. It is the most powerful Mac data recovery software which works perfectly well to recover files such as office files, pictures, videos, etc from computer hard drive and other storage devices. Next you can download the software and follow the below guide to start your Mac PPT file recovery job.

1. Connect your Seagate hard drive to Mac with USB. Generally, each portable hard drive has its corresponding USB like USB2.0, USB3.0. It is detected by Mac and appears in desktop as a drive letter.

2. Launch Seagate data recovery, select Seagate hard drive where you lost data, click “Scan” to find out deleted files, and you can see all lost files listed in the task list by file types.

3. Click “Recover” to retrieve the lost data or you can preview them before recovery.

what to do to recover seagate drive lost data


Solution 1 – Recover PowerPoint file from TMP File

Microsoft PowerPoint has the auto recovery feature that it can automatically save a temporary PPT copy every 10 minutes (default save interval). So when you lost a PowerPoint file after accidental shutdown, unexpected quit or other problems, you can directly recover lost PowerPoint or unsaved changes from the TEMP folder on computer.

Solution 2 – Recover PPT with PowerPoint Recovery Tool

If the lost file cannot be restored by following solution 1, you can choose a third-party PPT recovery software to get back lost PPT file on Windows or Mac. As long as the PPT document has not been overwritten yet, there’s hope of recovering PowerPoint document. The uMacsoft File Recovery will be a good choice for you as it is effective in PPT recovery no matter which PowerPoint version you are running. No matter your PPT files get lost because of wrong deletion, formatting, power failure, virus or etc, this safe and read-only uMacsoft Data Recover program would be helpful in getting them back for you.

<pclass=”ccc_new”>Install and run uMacsoft PowerPoint Recovery Software It’s free to try it. Please download the right version and then following setup instructions to install it on your computer.<pclass=”ccc_new”>If your PowerPoint document were deleted or disappeared from USB, SD card or external hard drive, please connect it to your PC in advance.<pclass=”ccc_new”>Select device and path from restoring lost PPT files Run uMacsoft PowerPoint file recovery tool, you will see a compact interface showing five different kinds of storage devices, including hard drive, memory device, optical media, multimedia and mobile device as well as iOS devices. You can select the device type for recovering PowerPoint files.<pclass=”ccc_new”>Once you clicked, a new dialog will remind you to select a path to recover PPT file. Then please click Start.<pclass=”ccc_new”>Preview and perform PPT file recovery<pclass=”ccc_new”>Open the tree list: File Type – Document – PPT. You can check all the scanned PowerPoint files by Size or Date. The undamaged PPT files(less than 10MB) will be previewable, so that you can easily check which one is the intact file you need.<pclass=”ccc_new”>Tick the PPT file and click Recovery, you will informed to select a path to save the PowerPoint document. Afterwards, you can open the path to preview the recovered PowerPoint file.

Recovering PowerPoint files on mac

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After Apple Inc. releasing MacBook, the whole series of Mac products mark up

October 29,morning news. The Apple Inc. has announced the new Macbook, unfortunately, British users suffered a bad news: the whole series of Mac products markup.

On the one hand,the lastest MacBook Pro costs hundreds ponds more than the previous generation of Mac product. On the other hand, the Apple Inc. has updated online store,and the prince of whole series of Mac products marked up than before, such as Mac mini, Mac Pro and iMac.

In British, MacBook Pro with 13-inch screen and without Touch Bar sells for £1449(or about ¥11964), while the vision with Touch Bar is £1749(about ¥14441). The base model with 15-inch screen sells for £2349(or about ¥19395),which including Touch Bar, has 256GB storage capacity as well as 2.6 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

By contrast, the starting price of the former MacBook in 13-inch is £999, while the version in 15-inch sells for £1599. Although the Apple Inc. has sold older model of MacBook Pro in 13-inch, the prince has risen to £1249(about ¥10312).

This is partly because, the new MacBook Pros are more expensive around the world. But the markup of the whole series of Mac products in British possibly due to the devaluation of pound, which caused by the Brexit. Actually, this price remains consistent with it in America after exchangin into dollars and addin 20% VAT.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that all the products of Apple Inc. in British became more expensive. The price of Mac mini is £479(about ¥3995), higher than the previous £399; iMac 4k is £1449(about ¥11964), higher than £1199 before; iMac 5k sells for £1749(about ¥14441), while £1449 before. Furthermore, the price of Mac Pro has risen from £2499 to £2999( about ¥24762),while the hardware configurations of it has never been updated since 2003.

NEW MacBook Pro blurred screen: Graphics Card Compatibility Issue

What comes first for Apple’s most gorgeous new arrival in this year is NEW MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Performance enhancements, configuration upgrade, and a new interactive mode comes with Touch Bar…all of these are selling point of NEW MacBook Pro extremely attractive for “hands-chopping people”. It is believed that quite a few users have availed themselves of the hot two biggest shopping festivals i.e. “Black Friday” and “1111 Shopping Carnival” to “brandish a knife”.

NEW MacBook Pro blurred screen: Graphics Card Compatibility IssueHowever, some earlier MacBook Pro users gave negative feedbacks regarding blurred screen problem in using some Apps.

Users’ feedbacks from say that NEW MBP sometimes has weird blurred screen problems like transparent windows etc. At the very beginning, windows become transparent in small parts, and then some parts totally disappear into the desktop.

Some users remark that their screen problem is more severe: it occurs scattered like being “hacked” with all sorts of blending black lines and color lumps. And MacBook Pro crashes beyond repair after that.

In view of this problem, some say it’s probably related to the graphics card compatibility. But we can find that infected MacBook Pro involves both dedicated graphics card ones and integrated graphics ones.

In this regard, the cause for blurred screen is not yet clear now.

Concerning “which Apps trigger blurred screen”, most users have it on using Adobe soft wares such as Adobe Media Encoder and Premiere Pro, while some have it on using iCloud photo. Still Adobe Media Encoder is present in the largest amounts among all conditions.

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