After Apple Inc. releasing MacBook, the whole series of Mac products mark up

October 29,morning news. The Apple Inc. has announced the new Macbook, unfortunately, British users suffered a bad news: the whole series of Mac products markup.

On the one hand,the lastest MacBook Pro costs hundreds ponds more than the previous generation of Mac product. On the other hand, the Apple Inc. has updated online store,and the prince of whole series of Mac products marked up than before, such as Mac mini, Mac Pro and iMac.

In British, MacBook Pro with 13-inch screen and without Touch Bar sells for £1449(or about ¥11964), while the vision with Touch Bar is £1749(about ¥14441). The base model with 15-inch screen sells for £2349(or about ¥19395),which including Touch Bar, has 256GB storage capacity as well as 2.6 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

By contrast, the starting price of the former MacBook in 13-inch is £999, while the version in 15-inch sells for £1599. Although the Apple Inc. has sold older model of MacBook Pro in 13-inch, the prince has risen to £1249(about ¥10312).

This is partly because, the new MacBook Pros are more expensive around the world. But the markup of the whole series of Mac products in British possibly due to the devaluation of pound, which caused by the Brexit. Actually, this price remains consistent with it in America after exchangin into dollars and addin 20% VAT.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that all the products of Apple Inc. in British became more expensive. The price of Mac mini is £479(about ¥3995), higher than the previous £399; iMac 4k is £1449(about ¥11964), higher than £1199 before; iMac 5k sells for £1749(about ¥14441), while £1449 before. Furthermore, the price of Mac Pro has risen from £2499 to £2999( about ¥24762),while the hardware configurations of it has never been updated since 2003.

NEW MacBook Pro blurred screen: Graphics Card Compatibility Issue

What comes first for Apple’s most gorgeous new arrival in this year is NEW MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Performance enhancements, configuration upgrade, and a new interactive mode comes with Touch Bar…all of these are selling point of NEW MacBook Pro extremely attractive for “hands-chopping people”. It is believed that quite a few users have availed themselves of the hot two biggest shopping festivals i.e. “Black Friday” and “1111 Shopping Carnival” to “brandish a knife”.

NEW MacBook Pro blurred screen: Graphics Card Compatibility IssueHowever, some earlier MacBook Pro users gave negative feedbacks regarding blurred screen problem in using some Apps.

Users’ feedbacks from say that NEW MBP sometimes has weird blurred screen problems like transparent windows etc. At the very beginning, windows become transparent in small parts, and then some parts totally disappear into the desktop.

Some users remark that their screen problem is more severe: it occurs scattered like being “hacked” with all sorts of blending black lines and color lumps. And MacBook Pro crashes beyond repair after that.

In view of this problem, some say it’s probably related to the graphics card compatibility. But we can find that infected MacBook Pro involves both dedicated graphics card ones and integrated graphics ones.

In this regard, the cause for blurred screen is not yet clear now.

Concerning “which Apps trigger blurred screen”, most users have it on using Adobe soft wares such as Adobe Media Encoder and Premiere Pro, while some have it on using iCloud photo. Still Adobe Media Encoder is present in the largest amounts among all conditions.

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What is the Best Data Recovery Software to Use on a Mac

It is not a situation anyone likes to think about, but when the time comes for you to have to recover some lost data from your Mac you will be thankful that you did take the time to figure out which software will help you complete this task the best.

There are a lot of pieces of software out there aimed at simplifying and making the process of data recovery on your Mac an easy one, however, with plenty of options comes plenty of room to find yourself with a potentially sub-par piece of technology which could lead to you not being able to successfully recover all of the files, or data that you need to.

Here is a quick look at a few of the best data recovery options for you and your Mac:
mac data recovery

uFlysoft Data Recovery

This recovery software is award-winning, and makes the sometimes-tedious task of doing deep recovery jobs a breeze thanks to its simple, and intuitive process. With uFlysoft Data Recovery you can recover files using deep scans or quick scans, which can be run in mere minutes. There is also a feature built in to help recover/hunt for only deleted files.

Disk Drill Pro 3

This data recovery software really shines when it is used to recover photos and documents off of you Mac. However, it can sometimes be a little lackluster when it comes to digging for music or video content. For simple document data recover, Disk Drill is very quick at recovering and can help you regain your work and move on as quick as possible.

Stellar Phoenix

This Mac data recovery software is often looked upon as being one of the best in the game not only because if its simple and intuitive interface, but because it has high recovery rates for nearly every file type, be it photos, documents, music or video. While the speed of the recovery process may be a little slower than others, the final outcome of running a data recovery on your Mac with Stellar will usually be more than satisfying.


This may be one of the most powerful data recovery tools you can have for your Mac. Unfortunately, with that great power does not come a great ease of use. R-Studio is fantastic at doing deep-data recovery of any type, but its interface is difficult to navigate, which means it may not be for best option for those who have little experience with similar devices.

Do Your Data Recovery

Do Your Data is going to be your best friend if speed is of the essence for your Mac data recovery job. While this data recovery software ranks high in its ability to recover files of nearly every type, the main element that makes it stand out among the crowd is how quickly the program works.Thirdly, plug your flash memory card into Mac, then a partition displayed on the program interface, you need to click it and let data recovery software scans it to find out your lost files on the card.

EaseUS Data Recovery

Best used for the recovery of photos and documents off of your Mac, the data recovery program is perfect for those who maybe do not have a lot of experience with this kind of software, because its interface and navigation is crisp, and simple to understand. Not just a pretty face, EaseUS consistently gets high scores for the recovery of photos and documents.


If you are looking for a jack-of-all-trades, MicroMat may be exactly what you are looking for in a data recovery software for a Mac. While its data recovery rankings are not as high as some of the other programs mentioned here, the software comes loaded with many other Mac maintenance functions that will help you keep your Mac running smoothly and at its best.


If you are using Windows OS, just have a try on uFlyosft studio Photo Recovery for Windows-a powerful media files recovery tool, not only recover deleted photos, but also help you to get back lost video and audio files with ease.

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How to Use Reminders with the Touch Bar on a Macbook Pro

One of the often overlooked, but most handy features of your Macbook Pro is the handy Touch Bar, which can be used to lift your productivity to a whole new level, perfect for those who made New Years resolutions to be more mindful, or get more done.

With the Touch Bar you can create and navigate a to-do list with just a few taps of your Macbook Pro. This convenient feature is built to provide you with quick access to all of the settings that you most often use, which means it is perfect for switching over to your Reminders app without ever having to switch right over to the trackpad and do it manually. 

Here are a few quick and easy ways to use the Touch Bar to increase productivity:

Add a Reminder using the Touch Bar

This feature would not be very helpful if there was no quick, and easy way to add items to your to-do list, so thankfully, the touch bar is capable of allowing you to do just that.

Firstly, you will need to select a list within your Reminders app, then click the add button found on your Touch Bar. Now you can name your list (To-Do), and hit return to go to the next line, where you can begin writing your list, or adding elements to it once the list is created.

Edit Your Reminder with the Touch Bar

Add a location or a time to any Reminder with just a few taps of the Touch Bar by selecting the Reminder app and clicking on the list you would like to edit. Now, select the “Add Time” that appears on the Touch Bar. From here you can tap left or right on the arrows in order to manipulate the Time associated with the selected reminder, and you can drag your finger along the time wheel in order to edit the tasks time.

How to Use Reminders with the Touch Bar on a Macbook ProYou can also add a geo-reminder to your tasks by tapping the Add Location section of the Touch Bar. These can come in multiple facets using Carplay such as “Getting in Car” or “Getting out of Car.” As you may have assumed, these features trigger your Reminder app to remind you of the selected tasks when you either get in, or out of the car in those locations.

Mark a Task as Completed

Checking off a task in Reminder is one of the most satisfying parts of using the app, also a necessary one if you are going to keep an accurate check list. This process is similar to how we added a task to your To-Do list using the Touch Bar, meaning you can simply check tasks off your list with the tap of a finger.

First, select the Reminder app using the Touch Bar, then select the proper list. Once you locate the task you have completed you will be able to quickly, and easily swipe the check mark on the Touch Bar which will then trigger the Reminders app to move onto the next item on your To-Do list.

Customizing Touch Bar to Better Work with Reminders

As well as the Touch Bar cooperates with your Reminders app, they could work a lot better together. Unfortunately, Macbook Pro does not allow you to customize the feature in any really significant way. It would appear that Apple developers were negligent when it came to creating content and creative outlets for the Touch Bar. The options that the Macbook does come with are useful and even great, but the small amount of them makes it limiting, and lackluster for customizing.

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You Need These Six Apps for Your Mac


You Need These Six Apps for Your Mac

Whether you got a new Mac for Christmas, or you just happen to find yourself making the switch over from a Windows PC, setting your new computer up is one of the most important moments you will have with the machine. Sure, there is the obvious start-up procedures, the same out-of-the-box routines that every Mac owner is going to go through, but once you have your machine up and running, these are the six apps you need to install in order to make the most out of your new Mac.


If sharing files, backing data up, or collaborating on projects with others are things you think you will be doing with your Mac, you owe it to yourself, and those you are working with, to install Dropbox on your new computer. This sharing app allows you to place files into an encrypted drop box that can be accessed by signing into the service on any network connected device. A free Dropbox account comes with 2GB of free data.

A Twitter Client

Twitter is still one of the most must have apps, especially for those looking to stay in the know with friends, and keep tabs on news stories and events happening everywhere in the world. While Tweetbot is one of the most popular Twitter clients for Macs, there are plenty of other options out there to help you better navigate the social media seas and maintain your account.


If you are using one password for all your accounts, you need to stop it. And, if you are going to try and remember all your different passwords off the top of your head, good luck. In today’s technology-filled world it is becoming necessary to have a password manager, and 1Password is one of the best available for Macs. This app acts as a secure vault in which you can store all of your different passwords, credit card and even passport information so that it can be recalled at a moments notice, but are also safe and secure.

You Need These Six Apps for Your MacBartender

No, this is not a mixology app – though one of those couldn’t hurt, either. Bartender is the perfect app for organizing all of your tiny desktop icons on your Mac, and can be especially helpful if you have something like an 11-inch MacBook Air. This app allows you to hide some of your lesser used icons and arranges your desktop in a way that best suits the flow of how you work.


While your Mac will come with some apps that can be used for markups, such as Preview and Mail, there may be some times when your need to protect some personal information or data in PDFs for images goes beyond what these basic apps are able to do. This is where Skitch comes in handy. This app allows users to quickly, and easily blur out information, add text, draw shapes and manipulate documents.


Writing and editing in rich text is easy on the Mac thanks to native programs such as TextEdit and iWork’s Pages. However, if you find yourself in need of editing a plain text document, or code, you will need a bare bones software, such as TextWrangler, which will make your life a heck of a lot easier. While this is ideal for editing plain text or code, it is also a bare bones program, which means more advanced/pro users may wish to go for something like BBEdit, instead, as it has many more advanced features which allows you to get more in-depth to edit and code.