Mac Data Recovery For MS EXCEL: Recovery From Unsavd and Overwitten Files

Disasters can happen. It is a part of life and losing your file containing all the information you gathered with a lot of effort is something bad, very bad.

Mac data recovery is something you need to know. There is a possibility that you face the problem of losing a file, so you should know the data recovery for macprocedures.

There are times when you have not saved your document and you closed it unintentionally. There is no need to worry about it, you can have your all data again with you by following some simple procedures.


Suppose, you are working on your excel sheets and suddenly the program stops or the file get corrupted or you just closed it. Then you suddenly realized that you have not saved the document before it closes. In this situation you don’t have to panic, just relax and follow the following procedure.

The first thing you have to do is go to the file and then click open. Then choose resent workbooks.

After that scroll down and click on the RECOVER UNSAVED WORKBOOKS button which may appear at the bottom of the list and then you can have your unsaved document again with you.

You can also go to the file, then info and then open the MANAGE WORKBOOKS option. A drop-down lane will appear and then you can select RECOVER UNSAVED WORKBOOKS from there as well.

After the open dialogue box appears just click on the targeted file and then click open. The target file will open in front of you. Save your data carefully after that.


MAC DATA RECOVERY FROM OVERWRITTEN FILESSometimes you work on your excel and then you have to use your previous file on which you are working. Previous files in a sense that you have to use the file without some of the recent changes you made.

For that purpose, MS excel allows you to have the facility to have your previously version of the file on which you are working. The procedure for that is very easy and you can have your file in some seconds.

The first step you have to follow is click on the file and the select info from the options on the left-hand side pane.

After selecting that option, click in the MANAGE VERSIONS button and there you will see the auto saved previous versions of your document. This is the good thing about excel that it saves all the previously saved version of the documents so that you can use it easily whenever you need to. You can select the targeted version then and click on the restore button. The file will be restored then.

The previous version of the same files will be saved in the Excel with the name of dates and the time at which they were created or saved.

There you go, work easily by recovering your previous data whenever you need it.

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An Introduction to Mac Data Recovery

Every Mac user is deleting dozens of videos, photos, images, documents and other data files almost on a daily basis. However, there are situations when some of these files may need to be brought back to life. However, most Mac users believe that once they empty the trash bin, these files are gone and lost forever and there is nothing they can do to recover them. Of course, they are wrong. Mac data recovery is possible and the most convenient and most efficient way to do this is to use data recovery software designed for Mac. With their help, Mac users are able to recover the data that was lost or deleted for any reason and they can use their files in a regular way.

So, when you empty your trash bin, the files are not completely deleted from your hard drive. To put it simply, this deletion means that every link associated with that file is eliminated from the directory listing. This means that the file cannot be accessed in an ordinary way. With this action, you are freeing up space on your drive. But, until this free space is not filled with new files and data, these deleted files are still available in the same space. So, they can be recovered with the help of a reliable Mac data recovery software solution. These programs are able to scan the hard drive and locate all the data in its original form. This is definitely a very convenient option for users who have accidentally deleted files. Thanks to these programs they can locate and recover lost files in a matter of minutes. It’s good to know that while these software programs are operating, Mac users should not use their computers because they can disrupt the process. In this way, you can rest assured that the old files you are trying to recover are not replaced with new ones. Obviously, the best idea is to open this recovery program as soon as you notice that some file you need is missing. A good data recovery program for Mac should be simple to use and it won’t cost you much. Most of them have trial version or free and pro versions, so you can try how they work.

Recover Formatted Mac Hard Drive FilesThe vast majority of these programs come with a wide range of features and options for smooth recovery. They can scan the drive and identify all the deleted files that can be recovered. What’s even better, these programs can be fully customized and users have full control of the recovery process. As we already said, data loss on Mac can be triggered by many things – Mac crashes, accidental deletion, viruses etc. Regardless of the cause, these Mac data recovery tools can bring back lost and missing files into life. Of course, Mac users can always call a professional company and ask for some of their technicians to help them out, but the fact is that their services are expensive. On the other hand, Mac data recovery tools are inexpensive, easy to use and you can use them whenever you want.