How to Retrieve Deleted or Lost Word Documents on Mac OS X

Deleted Microsoft Word Files by Mistake

recover-ms-word-documentI finished typing a word document, but forgot to save it, I went to minimize it when I was accessing the internet, and maybe I clicked on close? But there was no pop up to say if I wanted to save document. I tried to recover document, but not there, then went to the file tab to see if there was a trace of the last document? Nothing! Have I lost it? Or can I retrieve lost Word document on Mac! Just happen a minute ago.

The general consensus is that if the trash has been emptied, the deleted files were gone permanently. Most mishaps on our working with computer occur because of carelessness and an itchy trigger happy finger. It is bitter lesson that’s taught to us while working on documents like MS Word, MS Excel, or any other like MS PowerPoint. They all says, save and continue to save in advance.

The general consensus is that if the trash has been emptied, the deleted files were gone permanently. Most mishaps on our working with computer occur because of carelessness and an itchy trigger happy finger. It is bitter lesson that’s taught to us while working on documents like MS Word, MS Excel, or any other like MS PowerPoint. They all says, save and continue to save in advance.

Solution to Recover MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint

Now let’s check the information of Mac Word data recovery. There are so many third-party applications on the market are designed to recover corrupt MS document.

One of the best known recover software is uFlysoft Data Recovery. Its easily operation make you recovery task more convenient and efficiently. It would take you only several minutes to recover document on Mac.

1. Install uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac and launch it

2. Scan partitions to find lost files

3. Preview and save what you deleted or lost data

What makes uFlysoft so powerful in Data Recovery area?

ms-word-document-recoveryuFlysoft Data Recovery is all-in-one software that can recover deleted, damaged or formatted files and data on Mac OSX, not only retrieve lost files on Mac, also can get your lost files back from iPod Touch, iPod or any other devices. Its smart engine feature is able to scan your partition completely to find out what you lost on it, and then put them on the screen for you to review, so that you could select what files or data you want to recover and save.


You cannot save the recovered files to the same drive where they were lost, therefore choose another volume or some external storage device such as a USB flash drive to save them safely.



What Is the Method for User to Recover Lost Files from Mac Trash Bin

What is Mac Trash Bin?

recover-files-from-your-emptied-mac-trash-binWhen you use your Mac and then delete a file, it’s not actually deleted, but is moved to a hidden folder called the Mac Trash Bin, which is really helpful because if you need the file later, you can restore this file from Mac Trash.

Of course the files aren’t kept forever; otherwise your hard disk would soon fill up.

They are kept until one of two things happens. First – you choose to recover space on your hard disk by emptying the Mac Trash Bin.

Second – as only a certain amount of space is kept for use by the Mac Trash, any newly deleted files that would push it past that limit will bump off the oldest files. This is called First In, First Out or FIFO.

So you may ask a question, “If I empty the Mac Trash Bin, can I just get back the files, such as if I deleted some photos, is it possible to recover Lost Files from Mac Trash Bin?” Take it easy, let’s keep reading this article.

Is it possible to recover files after emptying Mac Trash Bin?

The answer is YES! When you delete a file and then empty your Mac Trash bin, many people think the file is permanently gone. Even the Windows help menu will tell you that “Deleting an item from the Mac Trash Bin permanently removes it from your computer.”

When a file is deleted from your computer, its contents will not be immediately destroyed. Windows simply marks the hard drive space as being available for use by changing one character in the file table so that the file entry won’t be displayed in My Computer or a command line DIR command, etc. If you manage to start an undelete process before the Windows uses that part of the hard drive to write a new file, all you have to do is set that flag back to “on” and you will get the file.

Recovery tool helps you a lot

method-for-user-to-recover-emptied-mac-trash-bin-filesThe only thing you ever need when you want to recover lost photo is a photo recovery tool. Here we suggest you the uFlysoft Data Recovery Application-Data Recovery for Mac. It will recover deleted photo files emptied from Mac Trash Bin, or lost due to the format of a hard drive, virus infection, unexpected system shutdown or software failure.

Review your deleted photo files before you purchase!

If you have lost or deleted a photo file and need to recover it, we can help. To be important, you do not have to purchase the software for finding out if it will work for you! You can download uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac right now and search for your deleted files. Try it and risk free.


1. Do not save the recovered files into the same volume where the lost photos were stored before.

2. Not only photo files but also Word documents, Excel files, etc can be recovered by uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery software.


MacBook Data Back Up and Recovery

Using a Macbook brings you a lot of advantages together with the prestige. If you were a regular PC user and recently switched to Apple OS, things can be a little exigent for you. You will need some time to be familiar with the new OS from interface to features.macbook data recovery and buck up

The wisest thing to do at the first place is that you should forget your usual computer habits and start things from the beginning. If you try to apply things you are already familiar with, you will more likely end up with frustration. Therefore, start with a fresh mind; accept the fact that you are a stranger to Mac OS for fastand effective learning.

The most official way of starting your journey is by visiting Apple’s site and check out for grand tour. You will be able to find a range of pages which are capable enough to provide you a complete overview of the new operating system you are about to try. This site contains necessary detailed illustrations and labels of each part of the interface. It makes you completely aware of the operating system.

Another way of getting familiar and learning how to get the maximum use of a Macbook is; by reading popular forums. These forums come with number of questions from new Mac user, which will match your doubts in most of the cases. Sometimes, same question will be answered in different ways and you can select the best understandable method from the lot. If not, you can directly post your questions and expect experts to answer them for you.

Watching YouTube is another handy solution for you. There are hundreds of thousands of tutorials come in the form of videos, which are extremely useful. A keyword like Mac tips, using Mac or how to use a Mac will be helpful in providing you the better results.

In addition to that, you will be able to gather more instructions from manuals that are available for new users. You will be able to find various third party books specially designed to guide you to get the best out of a Mac.

macbook data recovery Above all, the best way to learn how to use a Mac is sit down with your Mac and start to learn things on your own. Self learning is the best recommended way when you learn such technological stuff. When you interact with your MacBook regularly you will automatically get used with the interface and other features.

After you start to use your Mac, gradually you will gain some knowledge and know how to make most out of it. When you develop your skills with Mac and engage with your work, you will start to save valuable data in your MacBook. This is where you have to start concentrating on data protection. It can be your office work, it can be a half completed project, it can be your personal data or whatever: you do not want to lose them for sure! It is true that we do not purposely lose our valuable data, but what is something unexpected happened and lose them?

The best solid way to protect your data on a Macbook is to make a backup of them. This backing up process should be regular and methodical. To succeed this process, you can create an image of the hard drive and use it for back up purpose. Backing up is the process of saving your data safely and keeping it to use in case of a data loss.

When you use Mac OS X, it is extremely easy to create a disk image of the hard disc of the Mac machine. It performs as a safety precaution for your valuable data in case of any sort of data loss.

What is a Disk Image? In fact a disk image is nothing but a file that contains files, file directories and the structure of the hard drive. In the image file, a complete copy of your files will be saved sector by sector methodically. Therefore, it is the most convenient way to create a comprehensive backup of your critical data that you have already stored in your Mac Hard drive. This method is applicable for both Mac and Macbook in same manner.

To collect a disk image, you may use various file formats. .dmg is one of the commonly used file formats which will allow you to have file compression and password protection to serve both security and file distribution functions. Therefore it is concerned as one of the most secure and safe methods in creating a disk image.

The importance of a disk image is critical for you in terms of data protection. It becomes extremely handy if a situation like accidental deletion occurs. In addition to that, disk images can help you in fixing hard drive related errors too. Most of the time, disk images work even in the case of damaged MacBook hard drive as it helps you to repair Mac OS X. However, in certain occasions disk image may not detect by the system and prompt error messages like:

“Disk Utility stopped repairing permissions on ‘(volume name)’ because the following error was encountered: No valid packages”

Or else,

“Verify volume failed with error could not unmount disk”

If you come across a situation like this, you will not be able to access the data on the hard drive as disk image fails to repair it. This is where you should seek the assistance of MacBook data recovery. Recovering data of a Macbook is perfectly possible with this Macbook Data Recovery. This particular software has the ability to recover data from the hard disk at a pretty rapid speed. The deep scan feature of this software provides you the luxury of recovering data even after a corruption or formatting. File formats like .dox, .jpge, .ppt, png aew, dng, erf, mp4, 3gp etc are perfectly recoverable with this magical MacBook Data Recovery software. Simply it is a “must-have” for you if you use a MacBook.

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