How to Recover Mac Lost or Deleted Video Files with Ease

The terminology “video” commonly refers to several storage formats for moving eye pictures: digital video formats, including Blu-ray Disc, DVD, QuickTime, and MPEG-4; and analog videotapes, including VHS and Betamax. Video became one part of our daily life because it is easy to be recorded and transmitted in various physical media, so it is portable and easy to share. But video file is still a kind of data, it is difficult to avoid or escape from video file loss.

Sometimes you are unable to see your favorite video files on your computer hard drive, or accidentally deleted video files from your hard drive and even emptied the Trash Bin. In some situations, you may find that your precious, memorable or interesting videos get lost from digital camera or other storage media. Fortunately, you can rescue video files with video recovery software on Mac. 继续阅读


How to Recover iPod Touch Lost Files on Mac PC

Any hope to recover files from iPod touch?

There is a big chance to recover files from iPod touch, if you have ever use iTunes as your iPod touch manager. More than a data manager, iTunes automatically backs up the content of every iOS device that have synced with it. Thus, you can recover your lost files from iTunes backup files if you lost them and have ever synced them with iTunes.

How to recover deleted files from iPod touch?

The bad point is that the iTunes backup file is a kind of .db file, which you can’t access directly or take any content out of it. In order to make use of this file, you need a third-party tool that can help to recover deleted photos, videos, notes, contacts and calendar from your iPod touch backup file.

You can try uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac. This program allows you to preview (for photo only) and recover all contents from your iPod touch, such as photos, videos, notes, calendar and contacts. 继续阅读

How to Recover Mac Files after System Restore

“I haven’t meant to restore my computer system, for I always doubt whether my files could still be there. But one day as the virus attack, I had to do that. Lack of experience, I didn’t back up my files, thus many of them were lost. The files are really important for me, including my paper documents, precious videos, and the only photo taken with my best friend. I had been upset for nearly a week. Approaching the net, I surprisingly found that not a few people have met this kind of problem. Then how to recover files after Mac operating system restore?”

Reasons of File Loss after System Restore

No backup

Some people are likely to save their files on the desktop without any backup. When the system restore is done, this disk would be formatted, the operating system erases all book-keeping information on the disk, and we will lose our files. 继续阅读

How to Recover iMac Lost or Deleted Files from Hard Drive

Whenever you save files on the hard drive of your iMac, you are putting the data at great risk as well as for security. As you may come across many errors cause data inaccessible. And that’s why disk recovery mac comes in need. Now let’s figure out the errors and find ways to achieve hard drive data recovery.

Main Reasons of Losing Files

Human Errors

1. Empty Mac Trash.

2. Mistakenly format hard drive without backup.

3. Lose data after system restore.

4. Make a wrong operation on the existing partitions after installing a new operation system (like Mac OS X in Windows, or Windows on Mac OS X) 继续阅读

How to Recover CF Card Lost Files on Mac OS X PC

CF Card (Compact Flash Card) is a kind of popular flash digital memory card. The capacities are usually from 128 MB to 64 GB. CF card has a larger size when compared with other memory card types such as CF, Smart Media, Memory Stick, and XD Picture Card. But usually, it has a lower cost per MB and faster speed. Therefore, it is still widely used by digital cameras.

Due to accidental deletion, pressing the reformat button in camera, or various reasons of damage (e.g. low battery power, turning off on writing/reading), you may have lost your valuable pictures from a CF Card. Do not worry! In most cases, they are still recoverable.

How to Achieve Compact Flash Recovery

uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac is CF card recovery software to recover deleted, reformatted and damaged photos and movies from Compact Flash Card. It uses a wizard-style interface to allow you to easily recover picture and video files from a CF memory card. 继续阅读

How to Recover Deleted PDF Files under Mac OS X Platform

While making an assignment for a project, it is advisable to save all your important documents in the form of a PDF i.e. a portable document format. PDF serves as a viable option when you are creating an article for a magazine, content for a flyer, website or brochure and intend to preserve the actual graphic illustrations used in the format. All the leading search engines allow the ability to view PDF’s online.

But, as much as it is easy to save all important information in a PDF file, loss or deletion of PDF files is also a common problem faced by one and all. How much ever you may try and preserve your PDF file in a folder or online, you cannot avoid the risk of its damage/loss. A PDF file could get distorted due to many reasons. It could be due to human error which results in permanently deleting an important file in the place of another one. Another reason could be due to a virus attack or power shutdown which results in corrupted PDF file. When the drive is accidentally formatted then too, it results in the loss of a PDF file. Along with this, OS crash or reinstallation also results in the damage to a PDF file. 继续阅读

How to Recover Deleted Files from USB Drive under Mac OS X Platform

As a popular digital device, USB drive is capable of storing various files including videos, audios, photos, documents, etc. Meanwhile USB drive is also a carrier that can cause data loss easily because of its portability. System corruption, system failure and virus attack are the top listed threats to cause data loss on USB drive. To the USB owner, any loss to these important data files will definitely bring great troubles. In this case, users can use USB Data Recovery to help you to recover lost data from your USB drive easily.

Common Scenarios of USB Data Loss

1. Mistakenly or carelessly delete files from USB flash drive and cannot find them in the recycle bin or trash bin.

2. USB flash drive suffers virus or malware attack and files get hidden or deleted.

3. USB flash drive files become inaccessible due to unknown reasons. 继续阅读