Which Is Better-iOS or Android

Which one is better, iOS or Android? Well, this is an old topic, but here we will talk about again. In June, iOS 8 and Android 5.0 are both released and pushed in this autumn. Now the coverage rate of iOS 8 reached 50%. Although Android 5.0 not be used widely, lots of users can upgrade to it now. Today we will compare with iOS 8 and Android 5.0. Which one is better is decided by you, show me your answers by comments. 继续阅读


How to Recover Deleted Picture File on Your Mac

How to recover deleted pictures for Mac is a question which umpteen number of Mac users might face every now and then. Pictures, photographs and images can easily be deleted and lost on Mac. Maybe purposely, accidentally, through a false operation or through a virus attack as well. It might be something of great importance which you would want to recover, isn’t it?

All your worries are about to get over because Mac caters to all. There are ample numbers of software tools which recover pictures and photographs from Mac. Various data recovery software’s can rescue and recover your data within no time. The tools are able to recover pictures and data from both Mac hard drive and other transportable storage devices. It can easily recover pictures with their recent name and path. Here is a guide to recovering deleted pictures on your Macintosh. Once you’ve installed a recovery software, you can follow these tips. 继续阅读

Follow the Easy Method to Restore Your Lost Files on Your Mac

In this digital age, people always store their important files on the computer hard drive or storage device. To be honestly, this brings us the convenience, but the problem comes at the same time: What if the files were deleted from your Mac hard drive? If lucky enough, you can find them back in the Trash Bin. However, if the Trash Bin has been emptied or even worst the files were deleted from the storage device, how to restore the deleted files from your Mac? The normal way cannot help you to find back the lost data. At this moment, a powerful Mac data recovery tool is strongly needed.

uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery is the savior for your lost files. It is an all-in-one media file recovery tool, with its easy-to-use function and do-it-yourself operating option, no more technical skill is needed, only you know a few clicks on your Mac, the lost files can be recovered easily in minutes. 继续阅读

Easy Method to Get Back Lost or Deleted Data on Your Mac

Many behaviors or events always happens in our daily lives and make our Mac files gone such as you click “Command+Delete”, right click to format your drive, clean up your Mac Trash, system crash or virus infection, etc. Maybe you will consider get the lost files back is easy by using the Mac because it is a so high-tech product. But unfortunately, Mac OS does not provides this function. So, what to do to recover deleted files on Your Mac? The first thing you should do is to protect the original files, don’t use our Mac or storage at all. Then you need to find a solution-a file recovery tool. Actually there is a data recovery tool named uFlysoft Mac Data Recovery can help you to recover lost files by using its excellent ability of searching lost files and free risk recovery operation. 继续阅读

How to Recover Lost JPEG Files on Mac with Ease

Many people are used to take photos to leave a memory for some things. But, you know, that wonderful moment always eclipses and never stop again; yes, photos with dearest families or friends are so precious for us, say, photos taken from famous and beautiful scenic or historic spots in holiday. What a treasure to remember! And JPEG, the most common image format used by digital cameras and other photographic image capture device, quickly becomes the most widely used digital image format for storing and transmitting photographic images in our daily life.

Truly, those precious photos or images always bring much fun in our later life, and few people are used to backup their files for any accidents, while the fact is that accidents happen without any sign, which always make people rush to find their precious photos back.

Anyway, do not cry for spoiled milk. get back lost JPEG photos from your Mac, perform JPEG file recovery right now! 继续阅读

UFlysoft Studio Offers 45% Discount of uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac

uFlysoft Co has launched a new version of their popular Mac data recovery software that allows people to search by file type for archived and deleted files to restore them to former glory.

Macs have a number of advantages over PC’s. Because Macs are all built by Apple using standardized components they are generally faster, more stable and more streamlined than PCs, and because Apple are masters of design, the user experience is considered to be a lot more fluid. However, because of these same advantages, the Mac is often something of a black box, and when something is lost within it, it is lost forever. uFlysoft studio helps people discover how to recover lost files on Mac through their new recovery software, which now has new features to make it even easier to recover lost files. 继续阅读

Perform Mac Data Recovery with An Easy Method

Apple gave a new dimension to Macintosh operating systems by adding the utility ‘Finder‘. Mac systems are appreciated for their cutting-edge technology and efficiency. The Finder added another feather to it in terms of interactive graphical user interface. Finder organizes almost everything on a Mac system and is used as the default file manager. Hence, from creation of a file to its deletion, you have to interact with the Finder. However, sometimes while deleting or even just dragging a file to the trash, Finder doesn’t ask for confirmation and immediately deletes the file. Be it an accidental deletion or a predetermined one, the above situation leads to data loss and you have to look around for a good application for solving your Mac files loss problem.


You deleted a file a few days ago that you just realized you still need! And on top of that you already emptied out your Trash Bin, so there’s nothing there! In fact the operation system does not actually DELETE the file off the hard drive, it simply deletes the reference to the file. 继续阅读