Recover SD Card Lost Files under Mac OS X Platform

Whether you’re using a digital camera, Smartphone or MP3 player, you probably have a lot of important data saved on the device’s Secure Digital (SD) card. This data may get compromised if you insert your SD card into another device. The new device may reformat the card, potentially resulting in data loss. If this happens, you may need to recover the SD card to retrieve your data. The good news is, there’s a way to recover an SD card yourself-all it takes is a SD recover program and a little time.


Download the program uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac which can recover SD card data under Mac OS X platform.

Insert your SD card into the appropriate slot on your Mac machine. Open the recover program you recently downloaded by clicking on its icon on the desktop of your computer. 继续阅读


Get Back Lost Files from Mac Hard Disk with Ease

Unfortunately formatted your hard drive by mistake, and didn’t backup the crucial data stored on it? If you are desperately looking for method to restore all your file, photos and document on that formatted hard disk, you should read this passage carefully and then you still have the chance to recover the lost files from Mac hard disk drive.

When the hard drive is formatted, the data are not really immediately erased out of the drive. The space taken by the formatted data is marked as available to reuse. When you write new data in, it will occupy the space for reuse. Then the formatted data is really and permanently cleared, and you can’t get it back in any way.

Remember, the faster you recover hard drive lost files, the more chance you will get to recover your data. Also, after formatting the hard drive, you should keep the following things in your mind: 继续阅读

How to Recover Mac Hard Drive Lost Data with Data Recovery Software

Mac hard drive data recovery can be a little tougher to perform than simple regular PC hard drive recovery. Because of the fact, amateur hard disk recovery techniques are not applicable to Mac and it is important to consider professional guidance. A professional Mac data recovery shop will not only ensure the best help, but eliminate the need to panic about recovering your data. Generally panic is a killer when it comes to data loss, because normally rash actions can cause unsuccessful data recovery.

Technical expertise is very important when we need to recover Mac hard drive data, especially if the disk has any physical or mechanical damage. You should not take your Mac hard disk repair job to someone that says “Hmm, Mac? Uh, yeah we could do that.” It is important to ensure that the professional has a wide array of Mac experience before you send anything anywhere. 继续阅读

How to Recover Memory Stick Lost Files Under Mac OS X Platform

What is Memory Stick?

Memory sticks are handy devices that can be used to copy and store data from computer hard drives.

Memory Stick is a removable flash memory card format, Developed by Sony in October 1998. There are several types of memory stick including Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, HG, Memory Stick PRO Duo and Memory Stick Micro (M2). Capacities of memory stick are from 16 MB to 32 GB. Memory Stick Also can be used in other digital devices e.g. Camcoder, Sopy PSP (Play Station Portable), Phone and so on.

Memory sticks can become corrupted or damaged in a variety of ways, resulting in error messages like, “card not found”, “card not formatted”, “no images found”, etc. In most cases, the photographs are still on the memory stick and are recoverable. 继续阅读

The Possibility of Mac Lost Data Recovery after Data Loss

What will make you feel unbearable when you meet the problems from your computer? Crash? Hard drive problems? OR, the god damn data loss? I think most of us will choose the data loss because if the important data was deleted, we may face many questions, losing job, being blamed, etc. It seems we have no way to get back lost data, right?

Some users think that when data is deleted, it is deleted forever. In fact, it is a wrong perception that you cannot get back deleted files or the files are deleted permanently once you lose them. Actually the files are still very much present on your store device. Every data has entry in the file system index, which includes name, location, size and type. When it is accessed from the store device, the index is accessed by the operating system. Operating system reads the storage location of the file to extract the file. When a file is deleted, only the index entry is deleted and the disk space occupied by the deleted data is marked as free and re-usable space, so it is possible to recover Mac lost data after data loss until the file is overwritten by other files. 继续阅读

How to Recover Lost Photos from Mac after Emptying Trash Bin

Are files gone permanently after emptying Trash Bin?

Have you ever accidentally emptied your Trash Bin? Some Mac users who do not know about the actual file removal process think that emptying the Mac Trash means removing the files permanently. This misconception causes them to give up the chance to recover Trash Mac. Actually the deleted files are not gone permanently. We can recover files from Trash as long as the files are not overwritten by new deleted files.

What happened after emptying Trash Bin?

When we emptied Trash Bin, what we actually deleted is not the file itself. The operating system simply loses the access of the file, as the pointers between files and file system index are deleted. The space occupied by deleted files is marked as “available to reuse”, so the deleted files remain physically intact on the drive until they are overwritten by other files. The files will be only deleted when they are overwritten by new files. In order to prevent overwriting we need to stop using the Mac immediately if we want to recover deleted files from Trash. So are there any chances to recover deleted photo after emptying Mac trash bin? Let’s just keep reading, and then you will find the answer. 继续阅读

Common Reasons of Mac Data Loss and How to Recover the Lost Data

Data losses, for example the media data loss, most of us have encountered this kind of situation. Sometimes we know how our data lost, while sometimes we don’t know why. Here I have gathered some common data loss scenarios for you. When you are in the position of data loss, find the reason that has caused it one by one as follow.

Data loss on computer can occur due to any of the following reasons:

1. Accidental deleting

●”Shift + Del” without backup

●Deleting files by right- clicking menu or just pressing “Delete” button 继续阅读