Work it like a Pro with Mac Spaces

It is normal for a person who is always on Mac to open numerous tabs and a ton of windows for different task. Usually there is a separate window with multiple tabs dedicated for your social life like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. There is also another dedicated window for the serious work where you do your research and work stuff.

Another indication that you have too many things going on your Mac is that the icons of the different programs are so many. The icons are sprawled across your desktop that you yourself have a hard time figuring out what is on your wallpaper. Even finding the application you want takes time. Your desktop has become so convoluted and cramped. You always have Mac data recovery software available as it looks like your beloved desktop will crash anytime soon.

The latest operating system series of Mac computers, OS X, has introduced a very good way for its users to multitask efficiently. It is called Spaces, wherein it allows you to switch between 16 separate desktop areas. Thus allowing you to organize your applications the way you wanted it to. The combination depends on how you manage your desktop – there may be separate ones dedicated for your work and another one for personal matters. 继续阅读


Find the Good Methods for Recovering Mac OS X Lost Folders

Generally, it’s very easy for Mac users to undo an operation to back to the previous status, or to restore folders from Trash Bin. However, when it comes to the folders deleted permanently, you can’t see them again on the computer and there is no shortcut key for you to recover. Then what should you do? Only a sign left? Of course not, actually there is such a chance for you to recover deleted folders on your Mac.

Is it Possible to Recover Deleted Folder?

Definitely! When you delete files or folders from your computer or other devices, the files or folders are not gone forever. Only you can’t see them and they are inaccessible, but they indeed exist. The space occupied by the deleted files or folders are just marked as reusable for new data. They are not really gone until the new files come in to overwrite them. If you don’t save new files to the disk where you lost your files or folders, there is 100% successful chance to recover folder or files. 继续阅读

Follow the Useful Tips to Recover Mac Lost Files with Ease

“I have lots of files that were accidentally deleted from my Mac hard drive. Can any Macintosh genius, hackers etc. direct me to achieve Mac lost file recovery with easy steps?”

Seems there are lots of computer users would probably delete or lost their important files by mistake, many of us would think the files are deleted permanently, however, computer expertise told me that they are not gone, the deleted files can be recovered if you choose a correct professional software.

Unlike other recover utility on Mac, uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac is professional Mac data recovery software, with its simple operation, there are more than 10,000 users have retrieved lost files successfully! Only one button on the software interface, you are allowed to scan the partition completely, and all the lost files can be displayed on the screen, you will figure out that what other files have been deleted by yourself unconscious. Sounds magic? Let’s see how dose uFlysoft Data Recover work for you. 继续阅读

Good Ways to Get Back Lost Data from Your Mac

Everyone may come across the situation of losing important photos, financial documents or emails on your Mac hard drive. So it is highly suggested you to back up all important documents on a regular basis. It is the most convenient way for you to get back data you accidentally lost. But sometimes you may forget to copy the files on hard drive, don’t be frustrated, Mac Data Recovery software can save you from losing important documents.

Why is Mac Data Recovery Possible?

No matter the data are deleted from your hard drive due to accidental deletion or formatting, even virus attack. The files are not deleted permanently as a matter of fact. When you delete files from the hard drive, actually the files are still intact there and simply the space where those files occupied is now marked as available to be overwritten. Formatting is also similar. As long as the space is not overwritten, there is a good chance to get data back from your Mac hard drive. 继续阅读

Two Best Ways to Recover Your Lost Files on Your Mac

“I accidentally deleted a folder from my iMac and clicked Empty Trash habitually. After this, I realized that some important files were in that folder. Is it possible to recover Mac files?

Questions similar to the above problem have always been seen in various forums. The problems happened because clicking the ‘Empty Trash’ is unconscious pattern of behavior among some Mac users. 继续阅读

How to Use uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac to Get Back Deleted Files

In our daily lives, we can say that our business or study cannot work without Word documents for so many reasons. But we may come across lots of troublesome situations sometimes. Like we deleted our Word documents mistakenly from our computer and then emptied the Trash bin. Or we may format our storage device like USB drive, external drive that stored the important Word documents. Or some other unknown reasons can also lead to Word documents loss problem. Once these situations happen, what should we do? How can we solve them? What to do to recover lost Word documents on Mac OS X PC or recover them from the storage devices? Not so difficult! What should you do? OK, you need to stop using your computer or storage device and find the third party data recovery software on Google to restore all lost Word documents or any Office files like Excel, PPT, etc. on your computer with ease. 继续阅读

How to Use uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac to Get Back Deleted Files

If you’ve used a computer, chances are you’ve deleted a file from your hard drive, or formatted a hard drive or memory card by mistake. UGH! bye-bye files! Or is it? Let’s take a look at uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac.


uFlysoft Data Recovery for Mac was developed to do one thing, and one thing only, recover files, whether they’ve simply been deleted, or even if you’ve formatted the drive or storage card they once resided on.

I tried Data Recovery for Mac on an external hard drive, and a 16GB SD card that I use in a digital camcorder. In both cases, I copied files to the card, then deleted them, and then attempted to recover the lost files on Mac OS X PC. 继续阅读